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How We Help Healthcare Companies Succeed In an Ever-changing Risk and Underwriting Environment

Today, the world of pricing and assessing healthcare risk is rapidly changing while healthcare reform is evolving on both the state and federal levels. The ability to identify opportunities to assess and effectively mitigate healthcare risks is more important than ever. The underwriting process is changing, and we are on the forefront of this change. We help our Clients navigate the fine lines, always with a long-term view. As competition grows and operating margins shrink, there is little room for error. A poor pricing decision whether in a fully funded, self-funded, or stop loss arrangement can cost you premium, enrollment and operating losses that can take years to recover.

Proven and successful underwriting guidelines and a knowledgeable underwriting staff are a company's first line of defense. Our industry continues to face a severe shortage of experienced Large Group, Self-Funded, and Stop Loss Underwriting experts. This shortage is compounded by a changing environment with limited risk assessment techniques, requiring a greater level of knowledge and expertise. Health Underwriting Departments are under intense pressure to perform, and the stakes have never been higher.

Manage your risk

Medwise Partners has the proven experience, group health underwriting knowledge and expertise you need. Our services include:
Our Clients have included a wide variety of National, Regional, and Alternate risk programs. We provide health underwriting expertise in the following areas: large group underwriting, experience analyses, self-funded risk assessments, modified medical risk rating techniques, and association underwriting. Please contact us today to learn more about how we can help solve your underwriting needs through a customized program.

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